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Its taking control...

♥ Full Name: Hannah Grace Shockley
♥ Age: 15
♥ Gender: female
♥ Sexuality: im a fan of guys
♥ Location: Scottsville, KY
♥ How did you find us?: vitriolgirl

♥ Five reasons why you believe you should be in lexchucks ♥
(1)I wear my chucks almost everyday
(2)im best friends with one of the comods
(3)my chucks are red
(4)and they have checkered shoe laces
(5)i promise to post alot?

♥ Five favorite bands ♥
(1)Bright Eyes
(2)Brand New
(3)The Killers
(4)Green Day
(5)Jimmy Eat World

♥ What is the one song that describes you?:hm...toughy..The Transition-Hawthorne Heights
♥ What do you classify yourself as?: punk chic?
♥ Who would you say your one idol is?: Gwen Stefani...she's incredible

Now for your pictures. Please post them below ♥
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